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"I have been under the care of Dr. Levine after a strained/fractured ankle in late August which required surgery. Exceptional doctor and amazing staff with state-of-the-art technology. I am very impressed by the quality of their services and work and I know I am in going to be in good hands for the upcoming weeks/months. Very professional doctor and staff and highly recommended."

- Daniel H. | Studio City

"After 2 months, it became clear that, due to a number of unpredictable variables in my various medications for other illnesses, healing had been compromised and that we should consider corrective surgery after all. We scheduled the surgery for the week after Thanksgiving, in hopes of giving plenty of time for the foot to heal before the Christmas season would have us traveling again. The surgery went very well, and the healing process has gone quite smoothly, with extreme care and effort on both my part and the part of Dr. Levine."

- Wesley R. | California

"I hereby declare that if I ever break my foot again, Dr. Levine will be the first person I call. Amazing Doctor. Very knowledgeable and he actually takes the time to explain things to you. Bedside manner is great. Can't say enough good things about Dr. Levine."

- Taylor A. | Manhattan

Some surgeries  (wart removal, ingrown toenail procedures) can be performed in-office.  Other more extensive surgeries (Hammertoe correction, Bunion Surgery, and reconstructions) are performed in the operating room and are almost always outpatient/same-day surgery.  Foot surgery can usually be performed with sedation and nerve block or general anesthesia if preferred. Dr. Levine will first go over all your options prior to any procedure to ensure you have all the information to make a decision about your care.