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A broken foot or ankle is a serious injury that makes it hard for you to walk and causes a significant amount of pain. Dr. Emily Chau of Elite Foot and Ankle in Burbank, California, excels in treating foot and ankle fractures to restore function and relieve pain. Dr. Chau is one of the best-trained surgeons in the Los Angeles area and has exceptional expertise in performing surgery to repair your broken foot and ankle when necessary. Call Elite Foot and Ankle today to find out more or book an appointment using the online form.

Broken Foot and Ankle Q & A

What is a broken foot?

A broken foot means having a fracture in one or more of the bones in your feet.

There are 26 bones in each foot, supporting your weight and enabling you to move around. Certain activities can cause a fracture, or break, in these bones. Common ways to break your foot include:

  • Car accidents
  • Falls
  • Missteps
  • Stubbing your toes
  • Overuse

One of the most common causes of a broken foot is impact injuries due to dropping something heavy on your foot.

What is a broken ankle?‚Äč

A broken ankle is a fracture in one of the three bones that connect at the ankle joint — the tibia (shinbone), the fibula (calf bone), and the talus (ankle bone). The tibia and fibula are the two primary leg bones. They connect at the knee and rest directly upon your talus bone.

A broken ankle usually happens when you roll your ankle over with enough pressure to break the bones, or twist your ankle too far, causing one of these three bones to snap. Injuries like these often occur while exercising, engaging in sports, or doing some other physical activity.

‚ÄčAnkle sprains, which occur when you tear the ligaments in your ankle but don’t break any bones, can cause similar symptoms to fractured ankles.

What treatments are there for a broken foot and ankle?

As soon as the injury occurs, elevating your feet above your head to reduce blood flow to the injured area can provide immediate relief. You could also apply ice packs to your foot and ankle to help reduce the swelling, redness, inflammation, and pain. You should try and keep off your feet as much as possible.

Getting the right treatment for a broken foot and ankle is vital to ensure the bones heal correctly. Dr. Chau can decide whether you need to wear a brace or cast or whether you need to have surgery first to realign and repair the broken bones. After surgery, you need to undergo physical therapy and rehabilitation to ensure you can walk properly again.

It’s important to determine if you need surgery early on because a broken ankle can become far more severe than you realize. Without professional treatment from an expert foot and ankle surgeon like Dr. Chau, a fractured ankle is likely to prevent your walking and other daily functions and cause a significant degree of pain. 

The quicker you act, the better, so call Elite Foot and Ankle today or book an appointment online.